Why Talk When You Can Show?

We are living in a time where visual social media is starting to take over everything. Everyone’s theory: Why read it if I can just see it. This is why videos, image heavy posts and visually appealing content is more important than ever to be integrated into your social media strategy. Think about it, Pinterest uses visuals to pull you in to learn where to buy certain products, shows you recipes, etc. but all of this derives from a visual element. Then you have Instagram, a platform used solely for posting photos with small captions and hashtags. I mean could it be more visual? So let us dive in deeper and see why visuals are so important to everyone.

Pictures: Worth More Than Any Words0cb17d9a5f23f23a7048da70cf2668de

Pictures, images, infographics, videos, graphics, slideshows, animations… need I continue? All of these serve a purpose on social media. Considering photos are almost 100% of the time where one’s eye travels first it is important to have strong visual elements to capture your audience. Considering 65%-85% of people consider themselves visual learners I would say that graphics should be climbing the ladder of importance. With one strong image, you can almost avoid the use of words altogether and rely more heavily on strong imagery to convey certain messages or ideas.

Pinterest + Instagram = Social Gold!

Pinterest and Instagram have hammered home with using visuals as their primary method of communicating a message to their users.

Pinterest-Boards-largeLet’s start with this, the average Pinterest user is spending 89 minutes a day on the platform, the equivelant to Twitter but considering how new the source is.. WOW! On top of this Pinterest relies heavily on user generated content. On their platform only 20% of their content is original while 80% of it is repinned from other users content and uploads. Pinterest is capitalizing from other’s photos and ideas and clearly it is working for them. Women are DOMINATING this platform with an astounding 80% of users being females ages 18-55! What a range of users that can provide, share and obtain so many different types of social media content.


And then there’s Instagram, the currently fastest growing social media site to date. Celebrities are heavily engaged on this platform posting red carpet photos, family pictures and images of their travels from all around the world. Memes and overlay text have become a sensation on Instagram. Just one word laid over a photo can really become a viral sensation and send a strong message to viewers in such a simple, yet strong way.

instagram11      download

So Photos? I Guess I Should Pay Attention

Yes, maybe you should. Considering the most commonly shared and posted content on any social media channel is a photo, it is time you start focusing on images. By linking your images to external pages and by using a couple simple words to encourage engagement through the use of photos, your social media platforms could absolutely explode. One photo going viral can lead to a whole new culture on social and a ton of new followers. What can we say, people like to look to things and other people. That is just a fact of life. So are you utilizing imagery to your best abilities? If not, what better time than now.


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