Watch Your Back: 2016 is Coming & It’s Coming Fast.


Well now that we are about halfway through December, it finally has sunk in that they new year is right around the corner. Another year of change, challenges and controversy in emerging media and the world of marketing lies ahead. More change than any of us could ever possibly keep up with and new, cutting edge marketing ideas will develop and surface leaving all of us scratching our heads and back to the drawing board.

So let’s ask ourselves: what really DOES lie ahead in 2016? Will we ever know? I think the question itself is a tough one to answer but one that we can consider based on current emerging media and marketing trends. So now it is time for us to take a look at what could possibly be coming our way.

The Rise of Digital Assets Are Here To Stay  

digital-media.jpgYes folks. I hate to break it to you but the digital world is only going to continue to grow. Search engine marketing, social media, e-commerce and mobile web design will all become more important than ever before.

If your website isn’t mobile by now… well it should be and if you don’t do something about it soon, your business could quickly struggle. If you aren’t on e-commerce channels… well you should be. Online sales are growing rapidly as seen in this year’s Black Friday stats of most sales being online at astonishing numbers. Don’t have a solid social media plan… Well you should. Do you see where I am going with this? Digital is here to stay and there is not much we can do other than embrace it.

Email is Booming, Especially With Millennials

nfl_emailEmail marketing won’t be going away anytime soon and that’s a fact. As long as you have personalized, tailored content then you are set. A huge 9 out of 10 millennials use email on their mobile device. On top of that, mobile purchases continue to increase based on the use of email marketing.

Make it a personalized experience, and they will read it. Make it look like spam, they won’t. Try adding the recipients name in the subject line and feature products they are interested in. It isn’t an easy beast to tackle but it is effective if done well.

Wearable Technology. Yea, It’s Pretty Cool

Feature_WearableTech-1Wearable tech is really a thing. Forbes even released an article on 10 Wearable Technologies For The Fashionistas In Your Life. Literally they are tech savvy purses, of course those high-tech phone watch things, fitness measuring devices and suitcases that have too many tech features to count. I mean c’mon people… do we really need these things? No. Do we want them? Yes.

That brings me to The Internet of Things. This will be rising more quickly and becoming more prominent in our lives than ever before. We will begin to get our feet wet with it and I am sure that will start another driving sensation of digital media. Because the truth is we can’t have just one. We have to have it all and we have to try it ourselves and we want it now.

So yes, 2016 is just around the corner. Are you ready for it? Quite frankly, I am not but hey, I chose marketing.. or maybe it chose me. I am still trying to figure that out.



4 thoughts on “Watch Your Back: 2016 is Coming & It’s Coming Fast.

  1. Great blog post this week, Kels! I especially liked the section on email being alive and well among Millennials. It surprised me at first, but it makes perfect sense. After all, isn’t email the original social media? A new study by Principal Financial Group concluded that Millennials prefer to have one-to-one contact with companies (whether for transactions, updates, customer service or other dialogues). Apparently, when given the choice between engaging via email, in person, postal mail, social media, phone call, online chat or text message, respondents overwhelmingly chose email straight across the board.


  2. Hi Jenny!

    Thanks! I found that all very interesting myself. As I was browsing our classmates blogs this evening, I noticed Andrea wrote an entire post on email marketing and millennials! You should check it out. Definitely was a great read.

    When you put it that way, yes I suppose email really is the original social media. I will admit, being in this generation group I love email marketing. When I get an email that features sales of my favorite clothing products or golf supplies I am guilty of at least clicking through to check it out. But isn’t that the point? Get the viewer to respond or at least thinking about it, whether that is through a click rate or urging them to buy the product or service. It really isn’t dead and I can speak on behalf of several of my friends in this group as well that they are just as guilty as I am. So yes, I guess it isn’t dead and I am one of those guilty millennials suckered into loving email marketing.

    I think what you found from the Principal Financial Group is insanely useful information and really surprising to me. Email > Social Media? Who would have ever though that was possible as crazed as we are on our phones. Yes, I am guilty of this too.

    Thanks for reaching out!



  3. Mobile is rising more than ever! I have noticed that people are not afraid to give out an e-mail address. There are more and more retailers offering a discount online in regards to placing an order when a customer subscribes to the e-mail list. People are doing it like it doesn’t effect them. I have some people at work who are very hesitant to give phone numbers because they are afraid they are going to get called all the time. Why do you think people are so lax about giving an email address and being so open to mobile marketing versus giving a mailing address and home phone number?

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  4. Yay for email marketing! You know I hear both sides that either “email is dead” or “email is king” I don’t understand where the email is dead opinion is coming from, statistics tell us time and time again that it is a hugely successful way to reach customers! Great 2016 outlook! I would also watch out for text-based marketing as well!

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